Bridal Shower Games: Mad Libs

Good morning ladies (or gents), friends and family of the bride! So you’re spending your morning planning a bridal shower or a couples wedding shower for your sister, your best friend, or another special person in your life. You want something fun and entertaining, something a little less typical. I give you…mad libs..a classic children’s game turned adult activity. I had them at my own shower and they turned out hilarious. You can make them as clean or as edgy as you want, depending on the crowd you’re hosting. They’re also a great keepsake item for the bride/couple..if you’re hosting, grab a photo album or a cute binder to keep them all in. The couple can go back and read them on anniversaries or date nights as entertainment. Here are a few examples that are bound to put a smile on everyone’s face..(check Etsy if you’re trying to purchase mad libs — they are not for sale through this website)

Advice mad lib

Writing Vows Mad Lib


The love story mad libs

You can even turn it into an activity at the wedding itself: Guest libs

Guest Libs

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